The Labyrinth

What is a labyrinth?


Unlike a maze in which one can get lost, a labyrinth consists of one circuitous path that leads to the center.  Twists and turns provide a metaphor for life and its challenges.  Labyrinths often bring peace to a troubled heart.  For centuries, labyrinths have been used to quiet the mind, soothe the soul, and mend the heart.  Labyrinths not help provide meaningful ways to manage stress and make decisons, but they also help participants heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The labyrinth is a place where…

All of us can enjoy and celebrate life.

Those is sorrow can find solace and peace.


Those in turmoil can find clarity and help in making decisions.

Those dealing with illness can find strength.

All of us can find illumination and insight.

The Labyrinth at Monte Sano United Methodist Church

The labyrinth at Monte Sano United 253604_211125228926837_5373497_nMethodist Church is located in the beautiful garden area at the front of the church property.  Anyone is welcome to come and walk the labyrinth-it is open to the public.

At the entrance of the labyrinth, you are welcome to pick up a ribbon or a small stone to carry with you as you walk. When you reach the center, you are encouraged to leave the stone behind or tie the ribbon to the metal frame found there.

The Labyrinth

Locations of other Labyrinths in the Hutnsville Area

Wellstone Behavioral Health- 4040 South Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, Alabama

Light of Christ Center- 4208 Holmes Avenue, Huntsville, Alabama

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church- 786 Hughes Road, Huntsville, Alabama

Weatherly Heights Baptist Church- 1306 Cannstatt, Huntsville, Alabama

Hope Presbyterian Church- 1001 Bailey Cove Road, Huntsville, Alabama

Healing Steps- 7906 Whitesburg Drive, Huntsville, Alabama (between St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and United Church)