Special Worship Services and Experiences

Throughout the year, Monte Sano United Methodist Church hosts several special worship services and experiences.  Some of these services are found in many different traditions and some of them are unique to Monte Sano United Methodist Church.  We encourage you to join us as we unite our hearts in these special times of worship.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Season of Lent.  Lentash-wednesday, which consists of the 40 days before Easter, was the traditional time when new converts to the Christian faith prepared themselves for baptism on Easter Sunday.

Today, we join Christians around the world, by entering into this season with a spirit of repentance and renewed commitment to Christ.  We mark the beginning of the season with Ash Wednesday, which is an acknowledgement of our own human frailty and mortality.

Holy Week

Holy Week takes place the week before Easter.  It beginholyweek_2015s on Palm Sunday with the remembrance of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Other special days include Maundy Thursday, which marks the remembrance of the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples, and Good Friday, which marks the rembrance of Christ’s crucifixion.

We encourage those seeking a deeper and more meaningful experience of Easter to join us throughout Holy Week as we recall the last week of Jesus’ earthly life.

Easter Sunrise Service

Every year, the Monte Sano 221803_201617623210931_5535369_ncommunity joins together in hosting our annual Easter Sunrise Service in Monte Sano State Park.  The service is led each year by Monte Sano United Methodist Church and Monte Sano Baptist Church.  The music is offered by one church and the other church’s pastor preaches. 

Lunar Communion

Lunar Communion occurs in the month of July each year.  This exciting Sunday is a lasting remembrance of the fact that the astronauts of the Apollo 18 mission shared in Holy Communion as one of their first acts upon landing on the moon.

Astronaut Jan Davis has helped lead this wonderful service, unique to our Huntsville roots for the last several years.  We have been blessed to hear from numerous astronauts, sharing their own stories of faith.

Day of Service: Hands 4 Huntsville

In the fall of each year, we hands4huntsvilletake one Sunday not just to ‘go’ to church, but to ‘be’ the church.  On this day, we forgo our regular worship schedule and worship God by serving in our community.  There are service projects for every age and level of ability!  We seek to make a difference in the world by putting our hands and our work behind our faith.

Christmas Eve

All are invited to join us at static1-squarespace-comMonte Sano United Methodist Church as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Join us for an evening of worship, including traditional hymns, candlelight, and Holy Communion.