Light on the Mountain

Monte Sano United Methodist Church is often called the “Light on the Mountain” as we strive to grow spiritually and be a welcoming hilltop beacon of Christ’s love, prayer, and service.  When a neighbor is in need, our community rallies around them. We enjoy a safe and clean environment.  We are surrounded by green space in which we can exercise, find peace, joy, and nourishment.

To celebrate those who have dedicated themselves to create this atmosphere and enhance the quality of life, we give special recognition with our Light on the Mountain Awards.  These awards honor any individual who is a special “light” in our community.

Nominations considered in the following categories:
Lifetime Achievement to an individual who over a period of many years has contributed significantly in numerous ways to the community.
–Previous recipients include:  Jane Barr (2012), Dr. Michael Bentley (2015), Vivian Clark (2011), Jimmy Hill (2010), Jake Reep (2014), Jeanne Robins (2013), Christel McCandless (2014), Bette Walker (2012)
The 2017 recipient will be:  PATTY HENRITZE
Newcomer to an individual who has been a part of this community 5 years or less but in that time has made an outstanding contribution to the community;
–Previous recipients include:  Ken Atkins (2012), Billy and Donna Brasfield (2012), Doris Fandre (2013), Homer and Linda Hickam (2014), Rosaleen King (2010), Sara and Don Masterson (2011), Scott and Linda Nagle (2015)
The 2017 recipient will be:  JANE MOORE
Visionary to an individual who through their unique vision and leadership has led the community, both here on Monte Sano and throughout Huntsville.
–Previous recipients include: Kay Campbell (2011), Karren Crowson (2013), John Ehinger (2010), James R. Hudson Jr. (2014), Liz Hurley (2015), Peter and Kerry Joffrion (2013), Lonnie S. McMillian (2014), Phyllis and T. Poe (2013), Deborah Soule (2012), Scott and Joy Williams (2013)
The 2017 recipient will be:  DELIA SIEGREST
Volunteer to an individual who has given selflessly as volunteer in community service.
–Previous recipients include: Gene Ezell (2015), Jane Glenn (2012), Jan Miller (2012), Robin Scott (2015), Dan Walker (2014), Linda Wallace (2010), Dick Wright (2013), Greg Wright (2011)
The 2017 recipient will be:  MARY ANN EZELL and ANGIE STEVENS
Youth to an individual who is under 30 years of age and has provided exceptional leadership or community service.  –Previous recipients include:  Kelly Beverly (2014), Daniel Bondy (2015), Aaron Byers (2010), Brian Cantley (2013), Stacy Depew (2010), Katie Shattuck (2011), Alex Williams (2014), Sara Williams (2011)
The 2017 recipient will be:  THERESE GOSHEN
Inspirational Leader to an individual who through their lifestyle and interactions inspires our community in a positive manner and is a role model to others.–Previous recipients were: Chris Hall (2014), Meghan Matji (2015)
Special Recognitions and Awards were given to:  Kent Wilborn (2013) and John and Marthanne Reynolds (2011)
The 2017 special recognition will be for Organizational Leadership:  
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