Church Lay Leadership

A church is only as strong as its leadership.  Many church members make up the lay leadership of our church.  A full listing of committee and team members will be provided in the near future!

Church Council

Chairperson: Greg Wright (

Vice Chairperson: Sandy Berry (

Recording Secretary: Roger Crowson (

Assistant Recording Secretary: TBD as Necessary

Lay Leader: Scott Williams (

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference: Judy Berry (

Alternate Lay Delegate to Annual Conference: Joshua Williams (

Membership Secretary: Lu Casey


Finance Commitee

Chairperson: Liz Thornton (

Treasurer: Marilyn Poe (

Financial Secretary: Cathy White (

Class of 2017: Carly Bryant/Liz Thornton /Diane Whitmore

Class or 2018: Maryetta Buchanan/Danielle Moore

Class of 2019: Richard Perdue/Rick Choppa

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Chairperson: Patty Henritze (

Class of 2017:  Patty Henritze/Donna Jobe/Scott Williams

Class of 2018: Bennie Berry/Elizabeth Self/Greg Wright

Class of 2019: Ruth Bentley/Norbert Dalizu/Tom Krell/Phyllis Poe


Chairperson: Jim Robertson (

Class of 2017: Doug Bryant/Wyatt Poe/Sandy Berry

Class of 2018: Brenda Formby/Jim Robertson

Class of 2019: Joe Dombrowski/Diane Whitemore/David Fuller

Landscaping & Grounds: Judy Davis

Audio Visual Techonolgy

Chairperson: Greg Wright (

 Ken Newton
Daniel Bondy

Children's Ministry

Chairperson: Marijo Braddy (

Church & Society

Chairpersons:  Emily Elam & Chris Wooten


Alice Tanghe & Nona Perdue

Congregational Care & Prayer

Chairperson: Loye Pine (

Disability Ministries

Chairperson: Loye Pine (

Education Ministry (Sunday School & Small Groups)

Chairperson: Denise Mullaney (


Kitchen Manager: Rebecca Hunter

Hospitality:  Mary McDonald (


Chairperson: Rev. Kerry Holder-Joffrion (


Chairperson: Christel McCanless (

Missions Committee

Chairperson: Karren Crowson (

Ushers & Greeters


Greeters:  9:00 Service: Roger Crowson (


Website Administrators: Cindy Mull ( John Mullaney (

Worship Committee

Chairpersons:  Joan Manning ( and Ruth Bentley (

Youth Ministry

Chairperson: Joshua Williams (