ColumbariumPolicyThe Columbarium and Memorial Garden at Monte Sano United Methodist Church

Download the following information and forms or pick up copies in the church office:


Monte Sano United Methodist Church offers the Monte Sano community and our church family a beautiful, peaceful, spiritual and affordable place on the mountain for a final resting place.

We have built a Columbarium on the property of our church campus to allow 80 niches (capable of double or single inurnment), and memorial plaques (6″ x 6″) integrated into the structure for those not choosing inurnment.



Frequently Asked Questions about the Columbarium

Who can purchase niches or memorial plaques?

The Columbarium/Memorial Garden are open to members of MSUMC and their families and to the Monte Sano community.

The inurned does not need to be a member of MSUMC.

Exception of other individuals may be approved by MSUMC trustees.

Members of MSUMC will be given priority as the need arises.

Who will manage the memorial columbarium?

The Trustees of MSUMC will manage the Columbarium/Memorial Garden.

Trustees are responsible for approval of columbarium, plaque and scattering applications.

Trustee will manage the columbarium funds in a separate account.

MSUMC will maintain records of all niche and memorial plaque purchases, as well as records of those inurned in the columbarium and cremains scattered in the garden.

Can I sell or transfer my niche or plaque?

Sales of niches or plaques are considered final.

Niche and plaque partial refunds can be made upon approval of the MSUMC trustees.

What is the inurnment process?

Cremains are contained in a metal urn (provided) that fits into the niche space.

The niche is opened with a special tool, and the urn is placed inside by a MSUMC trustee.

After the niche is closed, the facing stone is attached.

MSUMC is not responsible for arranging memorial services.

Can cremains be removed from the columbarium?

Cremains can be removed and relocated from the columbarium upon written approval from the MSUMC trustees.

Rights of inurnment for the niche will revert to MSUMC.

What happens if MSUMC ceases operation or the columbarium needs to be removed?

Next of kin as listed on the application will be notified to take possession of the cremains.

If next of kin cannot be contacted within 60 days, disposition of remains will be at the discretion of the MSUMC trustees.

No refunds will be made.

Where can cremains be scattered?

Cremains may be scattered only within the memorial garden which is a sacred space.

Is there a fee for scattering cremains?

Cremains may be scattered at no cost, but the purchase of a memorial plaque is highly recommended.

Is the church liable for damage to the columbarium?

A damage rider will be added to the church’s insurance policy to cover damage.

The church member, any members of the trustees, the pastor and officers will not be liable for the contents of the columbarium.

Will I be purchasing a specific niche or plaque location?

Yes.  The location of each niche or plaque will be noted on the purchase agreement.

Niche and plaque locations will be assigned on a first come, first served basis in sequence from upper left to lower right.

Is perpetual care included in the price of the niche and plaque?

Yes. The price includes a perpetual care allocation.

Is cremation and inurnment or scattering of ashes sanctioned by the United Methodist Church?


Niche and Memorial Plaque Pricing

Columbarium Niche

  • Companion-depth columbarium niche (can accommodate 2 urns)
  • Memorialized facing stone, accent frame and tamper-resistant screws
  • Polished, Sheet Bronze Urn(s)
  • Urn identification plate(s)
  • **MSUMC Member Price (single/double): $1750/$2000
  • **Non-Member Price (single/double): $2250/$2500

Memorial Wall Plaque (Memorialized plaque matching niche facing stones)

  • For those who wish to be memorialized in the garden but do not choose a niche in the columbarium
  • For those who choose ash scattering in the garden
  • To memorialize those who have been laid to rest elsewhere
  • *MSUMC Member Price (single/double): $400/$525
  • *Non-Member Price (single/double): $500/$625

Naming Donation Opportunities (Include Identification Plaque)

  • Columbarium Structure: $7500
  • Garden Patio:  $5000
  • Prayer Bench (2):  $1000 each
  • Shade Tree:  $350